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"Group page on WordPress platform
Group page on WordPress platform.

Creation of the Default Group is a part on the Joining Process. The Default Group is created when Partner website joins to the GRA4 Social Network. The Webmaster becomes the group owner (Operator).

All registered users of the Partner Website visiting your GRA4 subsystem for the first time are automatically join the Default Group. Default Group important tool for the user management.


Reflection in the User Activity

In the user Front Page (default page of the GRA4 subsystem) members of a group see the events happening in the group, as well of self actions and actions of the friends. Therefore the easiest non-intrusive way to present any information to the users of your website is to post it into group blog, discussion, or to any other group service.

Editing the Group

"My Groups" page on the WordPress Platform.
"My Groups" page on the WordPress Platform.

Editing the group is self-explanatory. The Partner Website Default group settings are no different from any other GRA4 group.

To edit your group, navigate to the group page. The easiest way to find the Default group is to look at the activity stream - the entry about the group creation probably would be the last/freshest one (considering you've just joined the GRA4 Network).

Another way to navigate to your default group is to click "Groups" in the left menu. List of your groups will contain the Webmasters Group and your Default Group.

Link to your group is also included into the Webmaster Welcome message.

Group owner can set group name, short and long description, access rights, list of the services the group offers, and (last, but not least) the Group Icon

Group Icon

The difference between the "grayheads" and custom icons in the Activity Stream
The difference between the "grayheads" and custom icons in the Activity Stream.

Group Icon represents your group in the activity stream and | Partner Website List, so to gain more users from the GRA4 community we strongly recommend to change the default "grey heads" icon to an attractive one.

Group Message

On the right bar of your Default Group page you can find link to form, allowing the Group Owner to send message to all members of the group. It's useful tool to bring immediate attention of the group members to vital events happening on your website.

Please remember, depends on the user notification settings, besides the standard GRA4 messaging system your recipients may also be notified by other Platform notification means, including the email.

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