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Website successfully joined the GRA4 Network
Website successfully joined the GRA4 Network

You can download and install GRA4 Social Network using the built in WordPress plugin installer.

Activate GRA4 Social Network in the 'Plugins' admin panel using the 'Activate' link.

Navigate to the page you've just created. Your Website will join the GRA4 Network. Enjoy the Social Networking.

Done! Optional: For some themes you may use the admin interface Settings to adjust the social content position. We also recommend to change your nickname and avatar, see GRA4 User Guide.


The GRA4 installation was designed on the standard WordPress themes. If you use custom themes, and want your social network to look a bit different, you may want change the styles of the social content. See GRA4 Customization.


GRA4 Social Network supplies the dynamic content even for non-logged users of your website. Therefore if you use caching plugins, we recommend to switch of the caching for all pages bellow

Update / Upgrade

Use standard WordPress tools to upgrade this Plugin. During to uninstall/install of component your custom.css will be preserved, but still it's a good idea to put a copy this file to a safe place.

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