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Big social networks put plenty of websites out of commission - anyone can create a group on a major network, and it's much easier than to build and support whole website.

Now we want to get web-masters back into the game, arming them with the same functionality the 'grown-up' social networks have.

Currently GRA4 supports platforms: phpBB™, MyBB™, Joomla™, Drupal™, WordPress™, osCommerce™, Micro(no parent system, runs on virtually any hosting).

More platforms coming soon.


GRA4 Social Network Video Presentation

A bit of terminology

GRA4 Server - the main server, located at the . It provides social network services for GRA4 Partner Websites.

GRA4 Partner Website - a website, receiving social networking services from the GRA4 server.

GRA4 User (or just 'User') - registered user of a GRA4 Partner Website. (see User Guide)

GRA4 Webmaster (or just 'Webmaster') - the operator of a GRA4 Partner Website.

How it works

The GRA4 Server provides the Social Networking functionality. GRA4 Partner Website, joined the GRA4 network, channels the data GRA4 Server between the visitors and GRA4 Server. Visitors of the GRA4 Partner Website remain anonymous (something like website#123_user#345) for the GRA4 server.

All social content GRA4 Partner Websitet getting from GRA4 Server, technically belongs to the GRA4 Partner Website. It is your native content even for search engines (no IFRAMEs).

It's important, so, let's say it one more time: 
- GRA4 Server does not collect any personal data of the users of the GRA4 Partner Website. 
- No code from GRA4 Server executes on GRA4 Partner Website, only data passing through. 

Sounds cool, huh? =) Well, we like this patented technology too.

Partner Platforms

GRA4 for WordPress

GRA4 for Joomla

GRA4 for phpBB

GRA4 for osCommerce

GRA4 for Drupal

GRA4 Micro

(more coming soon)

Screenshot Gallery


PHP 5.2+

PHP Extensions: cURL, mbstring.

On a standard web hosting you probably already have all of the above.

Please note: GRA4 software never has been intended for, and probably does not work well on local web servers (Denver package, or similar WAMP platform).


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